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VigFX and VigRX Plus Reviews and Potency Studies

VigFX Gel CapsulsIt is amusing when you consider how some men are ready to pay at least twenty bucks for a small blue pill which fails to boost health, increase sex drive or ability to have an erection longer than a single session. These are known to produce various side effects, which can range from nasal blockage to even cardiac attack, and you may need the note of a physician to use it.

A natural libido supplement, such as VigRX Plus, is a substitute for these ED pills that come with prescriptions. This is one of the few pills for men that have been clinically proven to increase virility. Its results are noteworthy and its natural constituents have been proven to enhance sexual desire and pleasure when put together and developed carefully.

VigFX is now a new product and is one step ahead of VigRX Plus. This capsule is coated fully to ensure an extended release and offers the advantages of VigRX plus. For men, the capsule – which appears as soft-gel like in shape – promises more benefits of the VigRX formula.

The VigRX Plus Study

Studies were conducted on 75 men in the age group 25-50 for as long as 84 days. A physical exam was performed by researchers and the medical history of each of the subjects was reviewed on Day 1 of the study. The potency of each man was scored by researchers on the first day of the study, on the basis of the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF) and follow-up visits were performed at intervals of 4 weeks.

Each of the participants was monogamous and in a heterosexual relationship.

Half of them consumed two VigRX Plus capsules every day with meals for two times every day for a span of 12 weeks, at a dose of 360 mg/capsule. The other half consumed a placebo pill with similar instructions and dosage.

The progress of each participant was monitored by researchers on following visits with a fresh IIEF questionnaire as well as one more survey known as the Erectile Dysfunction Inventory of Treatment Satisfaction (EDITS). On the 28th and 84th days of the study, agreeing partners were asked to submit to researchers an EDITS survey about the extent of sexual satisfaction for females with the VigRX Plus formula.

Results of the VigRX Plus Study

vigrx plus pillsThe study on VigRX Plus provides insight into the effectiveness of its natural constituents to improve the functionality and sex drive of men. It has also surprised members of the scientific community with a lot of interesting results, which involve the following.

62.82% improvement in the power of men to sustain an erection at the time of penetration.

59.97% enhancement in the ability to penetrate, according to the report of consenting partners who described their enjoyment after the act. On the other hand, partners of participants who consumed placebo pills reported of reduced penetration.

47% increase in sexual thoughts in males who consumed VigRX Plus. The VigRX Plus formula, as opposed to prescription ED pills which has to be taken for each sexual encounter, has been devised to enhance long-term sexual desire.

71.43% increase in sexual satisfaction and pleasure during intercourse. Participants who used VigRX Plus reported six time more sexual satisfaction than those who used a placebo pill.

VigFX – VigRX Plus Formula with an Extended Release

As much as a 61% boost in the overall sexual satisfaction was reported by men who used VigRX Plus. This makes it the top virility pill as well as a legal, natural substitute for males desirous of a more enjoyable sex.

Now you can find the VigRX Plus formula to be more beneficial with another product – VigFX  that ensures 90% greater absorption and even more advantages.

VigFX has the same formulation as VigRX Plus but comes with an enteric coating. This protects the capsule contents from being dissolved by the stomach acid. The constituents are delivered to the intestines which makes them more effective.

The effectuality is proven by the fact that while non-enteric pills generally have a 10-15% absorption rate, VigFX – with its enteric coating – vacillates at 90% and makes for an extended release. Thus, users can be able to avail more striking results in enhancing their sexual abilities in a natural manner and without any side effects reported so far.

For males looking for increased sexual desire and performance, VigFX is the perfect solution. It has been developed for men who want even greater results than the natural virility pills for men that sell the most. It appeals to men of all ages, including young males, as it helps make sex more rewarding, frequent and intense.


Are VigRX Plus and VigFX the Same or Different Products?

VigFX has the same formula as VigFX but gives more intense effects due to optimum absorption and enhances sex even more. Its enteric coating safeguards the capsule contents from being melted in the stomach acid and the formula is delivered to the intestine.

As opposed to rival products with only a 10 or 15% rate of absorption, VigFX has about 90% absorption to help men get optimum benefits from the VigRX Plus formula and make sex even more enjoyable.

It is a more upgraded form of VigRX which allows users to enjoy more sexual desire, pleasure and intense.

What makes enteric coating so special?

The majority of medical products and libido pills provide the intestines with less than 20% of the inherent formula and the stomach acids dissolve the rest. VigFX has a special enteric coating which safeguards the formula from the harsh gastrointestinal environment.

Naturally, you can get greater enhancement, performance and complete sexual desire with the natural constituents of VigRX and enjoy more control, stamina and longer erection.

How does VigFX Vary from Viagra?

VigFX has the same formula as VigRX Plus which is one of the best-sellers among natural sexual libido pills for males looking for enhanced desire and power to have enjoyable sex at any time. It comes with an extended release system which promises more effective benefits from the robust VigRX formula.

Viagra, on the other hand, is a pharmaceutical ED pill. It is ideal for males with more elevated erection issues. A medical prescription is needed for its purchase and it works for a single sex session without any long-term benefits for sexual health or function.

Can VigFX be used safely?

This is impossible to confirm without knowledge of your medical history, any pre-existing disorders or any medications that you might be using. You are advised to consult your physician regarding questions about any medical concerns, which is a sensible option.

However, VigFX is a completely natural alternative produced in the US at a cGMP compliant facility. Most men using VigFX report no side effects and you won’t either.

Does buying VigFX require a prescription?

No. You can buy it without one, as it is a dietary supplement, and save yourself the embarrassment of procuring a prescription from your doctor.

When can I expect results?

Most males experience enhanced sexual desire in 30 days and report of heightened control and endurance in 3 months. With VigFX, the effects are cumulative. The more you use the product, the better the results will be.


My Vigrx Plus Results and Overall Benefits

I started my first course of VigRX Plus penis enhancement pills just two months ago. Unlike anything I’ve ever bought on the internet before, the results have been exactly what they were advertised to be…just read the whole article

vigrx plus results

On the one hand you had prescription medications, the famed PDE5 inhibitors, better known as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. Sure, they do their job, but at what cost. Are you ready to risk suffering a heart attack or losing your vision in order to achieve results? If you are, then you are a braver man than most guys.

On the other hand, you had different herbal supplements and products that simply didn’t work or they worked but to a much lesser extent than you wanted. Well, today you just found another possible solution, and a one that will be the end of all your troubles, a solution that will make sure nothing like the situation from the beginning of the article happens again. The solution called VigRX Plus.

VigRX has been sold for some time now and it has already become the male enhancement solution of a number of men, and not for just one reason, but for many reasons. First of all, there is the fact that VigRX Plus is a completely, 100% natural product, using only the most high quality ingredients from all over the globe that were carefully prepared and mixed into a perfect combination that will utilize all the beneficial effects of each individual ingredient into a bomb that will make you more virile and potent than ever before.

Then, there are the effects of VigRX. First of all, you will feel sexually aroused more often than before. A hint of any chance of sexual intercourse and you will be hard as a rock, with an erection that is bigger and harder than any erection you have ever had. On top of all that, you will realize that you can go for hours, never getting tired and never running out of steam. You will also be able to take care of all your partner’s needs before you take care of your own, as premature ejaculation does not exist anymore when you start taking VigRX Plus. After a while, you will even find out that your penis is getting bigger.

Happy Wife

In just four months, VigRX has made such a difference to my penis that I almost cannot believe it.  In December, my penis was four inches soft, 5.5 inches erect and four inches around.  Now it is 5.5 inches soft, almost seven inches hard and almost six inches in girth. This incredible effect happened almost entirely in the first three months on VigRX Plus penis enlargement pills and it’s still growing, although more slowly.  I do not even mind if it stops right now because at last I have a penis that I’m not ashamed of.  I even had to move up to XL condoms!

My wife is over the moon about it too.  Before I started VigRX our sex life was kind of lukewarm.  It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t exactly thrilling either.  Now we’re having long sessions most nights of the week and usually the whole afternoon at the weekend.  So this penis enhancement has really changed my lifestyle.  VigRX is the best.  I know, I’ve tried all the rest with almost no effect.  And not only do I have a much bigger and harder penis and an increased libido, but since taking VigRX I feel really healthy and full of energy all the time.

New Self-Confidence

I’d been browsing the official website for weeks before finally deciding that I would go ahead and order my first batch of pills.  I’d hesitated so long because I was really worried that they would be useless and that I’d build up my hopes and have them dashed again.  Because I’d tried quite a few penis enhancement products before without any effect.  I’d even tried a stretching machine (which just left me with a very sore dick).

Within three months my whole approach to life had changed.  Suddenly I had a much longer and thicker cock (and much harder erections) and I began to have a normal sex life.  I realized that I’d been so obsessed with the size of my dick that everything else in my life had suffered too.  Now I’m full of confidence and achieve pretty much everything I set out to do, not only in the bedroom, but in life as well.

VigRX is really an amazing product and I have to thank the manufacturers for giving me new self-confidence.

Final Solution

Over the course of about ten years I tried everything possible to make my dick bigger.  I had such a hang-up about it and I thought I was never going to find a solution.  I’d tried all the exercises and pumps and stretching devices and nothing worked, at least not long term, and some of them were outright painful.  I more or less decided that penis enlargement was a myth and that I should stop believing in fairy tales.  I never thought I’d see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Then someone told me about VigRX penis enhancement pills so I decided to have one last attempt to overcome my shameful problem.  To my shock and disbelief, I began to see results within just two weeks, and on top of that, these pills actually made me feel good generally.

After three months I really couldn’t believe it when I measured my dick and found I’d gained almost two inches in length and more than an inch in girth.  I feel like a real man for the first time in my life.  I’m going to keep on taking VigRX because I feel full of energy on them.